You will learn to speak well and feel good about your speech. This matters because your speech is second only to your appearance.

What is the Canadian Accent

The Canadian Accent

English is a communication system in which words and phrases work in conjunction with grammar and pronunciation. The aspects of pronunciation are as follows:


Introduction to English Vowels

Listen to all 15 English vowels and find out the three aspects that make them vowels.

Four Stages of Learning

The Four Stages of Learning

The keys to acquiring any skill, such as pronouncing new sounds, is to break down the steps of acquisition, identify where the student is and then set of course of action. To do this, a model called the Four Stages of Learning,

One-on-One Training

Focus on the speech/ accent issues that will allow you to reach your goals. Your pace will depend on you, not a classmate.

Effective Techniques

Techniques range from mechanical (how the body works) to self-expressive and communicative.

Qualified Feedback

You will receive perceptive and precise feedback on an ongoing bases.

Private & Confidential

You will be able to practice and experiment without others overhearing and watching you. All comments, and audio and video recordings will remain private by default.

Personal Support

Feel free to discuss personal issues related to speech. Past students have brought up feelings about Canadians, English and immigrating to Canada. They became “unstuck” as a result and their speech improved.

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